Ferrum League

Aim for the Top in Ferrum League Mode!

In Pokkén Tournament's Ferrum League mode, you'll take on the role of the main character, with aims to reach the pinnacle of the Ferrum League. As you win your way through the Ferrum league, the number of support Pokémon available and the number of selectable stages will increase.

The Fight Heads to Ferrum!

The setting for Pokkén Tournament is the Ferrum region. Due to the effects of mysterious stones called Synergy Stones, humans and Pokémon are connected in the world of the Ferrum region.

Prepare for Ferrum Battles!

In the world of Pokkén Tournament, Pokémon battles are called Ferrum Battles. In these battles, it isn't the Pokémon's type match-ups or levels that are tested, but the strength of the Synergy between the player and their Pokémon!

Ferrum League Characters

The main characters will become your avatar during your adventure. You can choose your gender and appearance. Another character, Nia, will help you navigate through the world of Pokkén Tournament. Plus look for special folks at various times along the Ferrum League.

Prepare for Shadow Mewtwo!

The mysterious Pokémon Shadow Mewtwo will appear before you if you can win your way through the Ferrum League! This Pokémon will amaze players with its overwhelming strength.

Encounter Shadow Mewtwo as you battle through the Ferrum League to discover the secrets of this extraordinary Pokémon!

Practice Mode

Master Your Moves in Practice Mode

In Practice Mode, you can train as much as you like without worrying about time limits or HP. Aside from the open practice of Free Training, there is also the Combo Dojo, which introduces powerful combos for each Pokémon and lets you try them out.

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