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Pokkén Tournament Updated to Version 1.3

The latest version of Pokkén Tournament features a large number of gameplay improvements.

Players can now download an update to Pokkén Tournament that includes many gameplay enhancements. In addition to other changes, this latest version repairs a situation whereby players could use Mewtwo to create a sequence of moves that were difficult to escape. Mewtwo, Shadow Mewtwo, Braixen, and Charizard received battle balancing adjustments. The Support Pokémon Diglett and Latios also received adjustments. Some issues related to Mewtwo, Shadow Mewtwo, Braixen, and Chandelure were repaired. And one issue related to the Support Pokémon Croagunk was repaired. Download and view a listing all the changes in version 1.3.

You will need 367 MB of available space in your Wii U console’s memory in order to download the update. Please use separate USB media if you do not have enough available space. Please be aware that if you do not download the update, you will be unable to use some modes, such as online battles. See this link for details.

The update may be automatically downloaded for users who have enabled Standby Functions in their Wii U console’s system settings. The previous save data will be usable after the update.

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