How to Play

Easy to Pick Up and Play

The Pokkén Tournament DX battle system is intuitive enough that even people who don’t usually play fighting games can have fun. Choose your favorite Pokémon and control it just as you imagined!

Pokémon have transcendent power with Synergy Burst!
Hit opponents with a powerful Burst Attack!
Use Support Pokémon skillfully to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Synergy Burst

You can activate your Synergy Burst when your Synergy Gauge is full. When you activate your Synergy Burst, your Pokémon is greatly powered up! Your attack and defense are temporarily raised, and your HP regenerates slightly.

Your Synergy Gauge fills up as the battle progresses.
Activate your Synergy Burst! Keep the pressure on your opponent while you’re powered up!

Burst Attack

While your Synergy Burst is active, you can use your Burst Attack. A Burst Attack is a powerful attack that can only be used once during Synergy Burst. Land a Burst Attack at just the right moment to secure your victory.

It’s exhilarating when you land this seriously intense strike!
With enough destructive power to get you out of a jam, a comeback with a single blow is a reality!

Support Pokémon

When your Support Gauge is full, you can call Support Pokémon with the L Button. They have various effects, like dealing damage to your opponent’s Pokémon, raising your Battle Pokémon’s stats, and more. When you’re in a jam, try turning to your Support Pokémon.

Espeon restores your Battle Pokémon’s HP!
Umbreon disrupts your opponent’s Battle Pokémon!
When the Support Gauge is full, you can call for help whenever you like!

Attack Triangle

Pokkén Tournament DX has three kinds of attacks: normal attacks, grab attacks, and counter attacks, with each of them relating to each other like rock-paper-scissors. Normal attacks beat grab attacks, grab attacks beat counter attacks, and counter attacks beat normal attacks. Different Pokémon are good at different kinds of attacks, so you can find a way of battling that you enjoy.

Normal attack
Grab attack
Counter attack

Two-Phase Battles

Battles in Pokkén Tournament DX alternate between Field Phase, where you can run freely in any direction, and Duel Phase, where you can get up close to your opponent and unleash intense attacks. When you hit an opponent with certain attacks or a series of attacks, a Phase Shift will occur. Controls and animations change in each phase, too.

Field Phase
Dual Phase

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